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The 3 Elements of Success for Real Estate Agents

As Real Estate professionals in Greene County, we all share the common goal of providing our customers with the best possible price, and the least amount of hassle.  We work in a great market that’s both a four-seasons destination for visitors, and experiencing an upsurge of new businesses (started by people relocating from urban areas).

  • Second Home Ownership is continuing to rise, and local properties are becoming more and more available as retirees look to move to southern and southwestern states.
  • The boom in the Hudson commercial market has reached maturity with Warren Street properties pricing out most start-ups.  This fact opens a terrific opportunity for new businesses in our Greene County towns.
  • The ‘Invest In Greene’ initiative by the Greene County Legislature is attracting small business entrepreneurs from the greater New York metropolitan area, providing them with support programs and funding options, and promoting their businesses to the local community.  You can read some of the program’s success stories on-line.

With opportunity in mind, let’s focus on the simple equation that determines our performance as individual agents.

(Character + Discipline) – Mistakes = Success

We’ll define an agent’s ‘Character’ as the way he or she is perceived by buyers and sellers. Your ability to connect with people (and how they feel when you do) plays a huge role in each transaction.  There are definitely essential skills you need in your ‘Character’ tool-box.  Real Estate Insider magazine sums these up in their article “10 Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent”.

‘Discipline’ is the tactical way you work each day – the habits you develop to match your skills and personal style to the situation at hand.  Combined with your ‘Character’, this represents the core of who you are as an agent. has a great read on the subject in “Six Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents”.

The last element in our ‘Equation for Success’ must be subtracted from the sum of the first two.  ‘Mistakes’ make everyone unhappy and impatient.  Ultimately, they are the biggest reason people go with a different agent. Minimizing mistakes will drive your success.  Here’s how to “Avoid the 5 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make” from Seniors Real Estate Institute.

We can all be a part of a ‘Fraternity of Excellence’ in Greene County by sharing our strengths, supporting our colleagues, and making every transaction a positive experience for all involved.

Make the Sign read SOLD.

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Leonard A. Bellavia, Esq. is the Broker Owner of Windstar Realty Group in Windham, NY.  He is also a practicing attorney named in The New York Times for 10 consecutive years as a New York Super Lawyer and recipient of the Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award for providing free legal services to indigent New Yorkers.

You can reach Len at his Windham Offices at (518) 734-6600 or at